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Asia is facing simultaneously huge growth potential and increasing inequalities, with often weak national solutions to the social issues at hand. Social purposeborganisations (SPOs) – which includes but are not limited to non-profit organisations and social enterprises - are seen to solve these issues sustainably.

At SEIC, we work closely with such early-stage initiatives to help them grow as entrepreneurs and leaders and build the capacity to translate their visions into sustainable social organizations with meaningful impact.

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There’s this little three-pound machine that’s behind your eyes and in between your ears. This machine is really strange and probably the most powerful. They do lots of inconsistent things and sometimes even create unreasonable ideas. From my years of experience and learning, I have realised that the most unreasonable of ideas generated by this machine have often changed the world. In the quote of George Bernard- “The unreasonable man adapts himself to the world; the reasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man”.

 If we want to move forward, create a just and sustainable society, we need people that are willing to break through the status quo. Today, it is quite true to say that there is a great correlation between unreasonability and progress, especially when it is combined with Social Entrepreneurship- Because Social Entrepreneurs choose to see opportunities where other people see intangible problems. And the most ambitious of these Social Entrepreneurs aim towards systemic change.

Our Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre is an endeavour to identify, encourage and nurture such aspiring social entrepreneurs to look beyond boosting the bottom line alone.

Rather, we wish to urge social ideas and start-ups big and small to set their sights on being “ at the forefront social change” through broadly scalable business models. The centre provides ample room to students and entrepreneurs to grow with institutional support and the same is reflected in all aspects of our programs and activities.

I welcome all of you to come and witness our quest to bring forth social start-ups from scratch-to growth and to contribute in the transformation of capitalism- where success will be measured by the social impact we create.

Dr S, Raja Samuel
Madras School of Social Work,
Nodal Officer’s Note
Social Entrepreneurship Incubation centre in Madras School of Social Work is set up to create impactful social business models to bring about social change in behaviour, ecology and is financially sustainable in nature. It is aimed at creating an eco system conducive for social ventures
SEIC gives opportunity for the aspiring students and general public to experiment social ventures to address the societal problems through social business. The Center will provide guidance, mentorship, physical work space and create networks among fellow social entrepreneurs as well as funding agencies. One of the major thrust of Incubation centre is to give preferential option to vulnerable communities such as Tribal, SC, Person with disabilities, Transgender community, Artisan sector and slum community and promote social Entrepreneurial venture. I invite you to be part of social change process.
M. Antony Stephen
Nodal Officer,
Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Center,
Madras School of Social Work, Chennai.
Advisory Team
  • Mr.Muthu Kumar Thanu
    Secretary , SSER - MSSW
    Dr.S. Raja Samuel
    Principal and Secretary , MSSW
    Prof.M.Antony Stephen
    Nodal Officer, SEIC HOD, MASE
    Mr Jagan Karthick
    Incubation Manager, Derbi Foundation
  • Mrs.Marie Banu
    Director of Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM)
    Mr.Vasanth Tamil Selvan
    Entrepreneur, ARIRO
    Senior Advisor
    Prof Jaishree
  • Prof Kashfa Haque
    Social Entrepreneur
Meet our partners!

SEIC continues to collaborate and bring together key specialists from different verticals to help Startups shorten the sprint towards their goal. Our partners are broadly classified as Investment Partners, Ecosystem Partners and Innovation Partners.

Cape Kumari Foundation, Kanniyakumari
Climate Smart Technologies (CST)
Tamil Nadu People’s Forum for Land Rights (TPFLR)
Global Network of Social Entrepreneurship
Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education
World Vision India
Department of Science and Technology, Tamil Nadu
Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute, TN
Forest College and Research Institute
Samanvaya Social Venture
Nandri Foundation
Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM)
Derbi Foundation
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At SEIC, we work closely with such early-stage initiatives to help them grow as entrepreneurs and leaders and build the capacity to translate their visions into sustainable social organizations with meaningful impact.
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Egmore, Chennai – 600 008
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