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Initiated by MASE students- Mr Devakumar, Ms Sivaranjhani and Ms Sravya, Nakuras is an ECommerce based social enterprise that offers handcrafted lifestyle products created by tribal artisans of the Narikurava community in Tamil Nadu to consumers all across the country. The Narikurava artisans are gifted with the talent and traditional skills to craft exquisite jewellery designs in styles that are unique to their culture and heritage. Nakuras strives to offer these products at fine quality and at reasonable prices wherein proceeds from its sales help Narikurava artisans in generating sustainable livelihood options. Nakuras has made a significant contribution to the lives of the Narikurava women artisans, helping them improve not just their financial condition but also their
social status.

Nakuras’s team of social entrepreneurs, jewellery making trainers, designers and Narikurava women, together continue their march towards fulfilling its vision of being a brand that symbolises empowerment of women while recognising and promoting traditional bead jewelleries and handicraft techniques that are in danger of dying out with increased industrial growth and rapid urbanisation.

Following are some notable achievements of Nakuras in the year 2019-2020
  • Participated in 4 major jewellery exhibitions including Art Expo 2020, IIM Trichy and Kalaikatchi Art Expo, Chennai
  • Participated and won in multiple pitch fests, competitions and business summits including Tamil Rise 2020, and Social Pitch Fest LIBA and raised around Rs 8 lakh as seed grant winners
  • Successfully completed 15 community training via offline and online workshops with more than 50 Narikurava women
  • In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nakuras was able to raise funds worth Rs2Lakh and distributed relief materials including safety kits, food and other necessities to more than 1000 Narikurava families. They also conducted multiple medical camps and routine health check ups

Initiated by MASE students- Ms Yashna Singhvi and Ms Kashfa Haque, Child Aid Project (CAP) addresses child abuse prevention needs via play based interventions for children, young adults, parents and schools. With the objective to prevent-combat 4 types of child abuse- emotional, physical, sexual and neglect, CAP grew into a collective of child psychologists, parenting experts, enthusiasts and parents, who together design, develop and deliver early intervention play based tools that educate children, young adults, parents, caretakers and schools about resilience based abuse prevention strategies.

Today, Child Aid Project’s prevention tools have become an exercise for raising awareness of what resilience is and how one can build upon their individual’s, family’s and community’s resilience capacity.

In a span of 1 year, CAP was able to touch more than 1000 lives including from resource starved communities and has worked with 9 industry experts including TATA Groups, TeachForIndia, DonBosco Group of Schools, Rotary Clubs, MSSW, ParentingMattersIndia, Indian School of Breathing (ISB) etc


Initiated by our MASE student, Ms Kashfa Haque and her friend Mr Hussain Bhavnagarwala, CLAY Project is a social enterprise that designs and builds low-cost 3D printed assistive devices and tools for the needs and circumstances of the disabled and also audio and texture labelled tactile maps for the blind. These 3d printed assists and maps can be tailored to an individual’s/ organisation's need.

The biggest challenge for a person who is visually impaired is to navigate around places. Whilst commercial places can be made easily accessible for the blind with tactile tiles, not many places have adopted this facility. We propose to make navigation easier by providing institutes like railway stations, colleges, museums, offices, etc with low-cost 3D Tactile maps for the blind. We have been experimenting with sounds and textures, to come up with a slew of designs to guide the visually impaired through transit and buildings. On the other hand, we are also designing low-cost hand and leg assists for orthopedically challenged people. The demand for low-cos prosthetics and assists is high in India due to birth defects, traffic accidents and poor medical care. We aim at using 3D printing technology to simultaneously satisfy a social demand and tackle an urgent healthcare need.


Initiated by Mr Shalom Kingston, Carbon Hubs is a technology-driven startup that aims at providing cleaner and healthier breathing environment in offices and at homes. Carbon Hubs has deployed a notouch device with an innovative air filtration technology wherein its advanced filtration technology captures microbial matter, reduces particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) from 300 to 35 within 10 minutes and removes harmful gases from the surroundings. With their unique air filtration product solutions and services, Carbon Hubs is helping its consumers achieve cleaner air standards thereby creating noticeable positive impact on their health, work performance and productivity.

In the past, Carbon Hubs has been associated with 8 renowned industry experts including StartUpIndia, Derbi Foundation and United Nations. They have also been associated with the Government of Karnataka for cleaner air projects and have backed awards and recognition from Model United Nations, Vidhya Prathiba State Award, Karnataka Elevate Unnati, Lemon Ideas, T-Hubs and DERBI PACE.


Initiated by Ms Daisy, Queen Eco Products is driven by their mission of enabling individuals, communities and businesses to help create a positive impact on the environment by catalysing them to adopt to eco friendly products. They work towards bringing together eco friendly solutions along with eco-aligned artisans to the forefront thereby assisting in reducing respective carbon footprints.

One of the biggest challenges faced today are global warming and climate change. Ms Daisy believes that as citizens of this planet, we have a duty and a role to play to protect the planet. The objective of the social enterprise is to provide eco-friendly alternatives to our day to day needs and thereby reducing our carbon footprint. From eco-fashion to brilliantly designed chemical free toys, they have a wide range of products and services.

Initiated by Ms Uma Mageshwari
Provides safe employment opportunities for the orthopedically challenged
Initiated by Ms J Rennifer
Provides low cost capacity building programs for unemployed youth
Initiated by Mr Vimal Raj
Provides income opportunities to rural and poultry farmers He is currently designing low cost home made egg incubators
Initiated by Mr Aindhinai
Supports farmers by providing them direct market linkages
Initiated by Ms Gowsalya
Provides home made refined tea/brews blended with ayurvedic botanicals and flavours
At SEIC, we work closely with such early-stage initiatives to help them grow as entrepreneurs and leaders and build the capacity to translate their visions into sustainable social organizations with meaningful impact.
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